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Top Coding Languages for Freelance Programmers in 2016 (Part 1)

Top Coding Languages for Freelance Programmers in 2016 (Part 1)


“Google and Facebook buy entire companies, simply to gain access to their code-literate employees,” –Doug Rushcoff was absolutely right. Freelancing these days has become a passion especially for the programmers. Technology has taken us so far that you don’t even need to be hired in an office to create software. Now you can do amazing codes right at your home, wearing your pajamas while sipping your coffee, and listening to your favorite track. All you have to do is to pick the right programming language for that.

Choosing the right language for coding is quite challenging. There are so many to create with so many options. However, it’s not possible for you to be fluent in every programming language even if you are the most polyglot developer. It all depends on your interest, your client’s demand, as well as how much you are being paid. Here are some programming languages picked for you if you want to work as a freelancer.

Language: Java
Average Earning: $102,000

If you have an idea for innovative software, Java is probably the best language for you. Currently owned and maintained by the Oracle Corporation, this programming language has been dominating the market since 1990. It was designed to be a language that could run on any device. So, you can develop any software for computers, smart phones, and even for the smart TVs. Many of the popular Android apps like Angry Birds, Temple Run are made using Java. So, if you are interested to develop an Android app, Java should be the language of your choice.

Language: C#/ASP.NET
Average Earning: $94,000

Developed in the early 2000s, C# was meant to be a general purpose language for Microsoft products. You can use C# to develop standard Windows software and server side web applications. C# is a part of Microsoft’s ASP.NET, which is a server side web application framework designed for web development to create dynamic web pages. So if your passion is to develop Windows applications or a website that will run on a Windows server, you can pick C#/ASP.NET as your coding language.

Language: Python
Average Earning: $107,000

Python could be the best suggestion for you if you are a beginner. The language is structured to be highly readable with a relatively small learning curve. However, it comes with the power to do cool stuff like scientific computing, web development, and 3D rendering. Applications like Instagram, YouTube and Reddit are of what Python is capable of. So, if you are looking to start programming with relative ease, you can pick it up at a rather fast pace.


Language: JavaScript
Average Earning: $99,000

You should pick JavaScript if you are interested in front end web design. Originally called ECMAScript, this language is used by 88% of all websites. You can use JavaScript to add interactivity to web pages, being allowed for animations and have better control over the web interface. For front end stuffs, javascript has some awesome frameworks like angular.js, react.js and many more which are offering loads of freelancing job opportunities. Even if you want to do some backend program, Node.js framework will allow you to do that. Do not confuse JavaScript with Java. They have very little in common.

Language: PHP
Average Earning: $89,000

Albeit being a C descendent, PHP is a more practical language to develop a website. Over two hundred million websites have been created using PHP. So, if you can upgrade and maintain those websites using PHP, you are always on demand. Freelancing this skill can be a better option if you want to go from no experience to developing web application in a small amount of time.

In the world of programming, you might have lots of options but while choosing the right one, you must consider some factors like their usability, availability of tools in the website, and how they can be useful to create the application you want. Now it’s time for you choose the right language for you.

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