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Reasons Why the Whole World Needs Stronger Network Security

Reasons Why the Whole World Needs Stronger Network Security

Before I introduce you to all the crucial reasons for implementing stronger network security, at first, you need to be aware of how successful businesses are falling apart and developing economies are getting robbed due to the unattended weaknesses inside network security.

eBay compromised 145 million records!

eBay, one of the world’s most popular e-commerce website in 2014 has urged all its customers for altering their security passwords after 148 of their customers ended up losing private information which included their names, date of birth, along with their username and password.

However, the victims were lucky as all their information related to their online payment method, was stored in a different section that remained unharmed.

It’s truly upsetting for us (consumers) as we could blindly trust these sites and input our private information that is extremely confidential and of course, not fall into wrong hands!

Also, read BBC website had shut down after the hackers’ attack.

Developing Economies:

The Internet has opened a huge range of possibilities for developing economies around the globe. As you can see from the graph that, usage of computers has always maintained a positive growth, meaning, people’s lives are increasingly depending on technology in those nations.

These developing economies are the most vulnerable targets for hackers due to lack of knowledge and expertise still manifesting in such economies. In a recent post on Hacker News, a developing economy like Bangladesh which is increasingly relying on the internet has lost $80 million dollars from its Federal Reserve on 14th March 2016!

The security experts believe that a malware was carefully planted in the Federal Reserve’s computer systems which were also technically more sophisticated and advanced for the nation’s ICT sector.


The need for network security:

I hope by now, you have pretty much understood the extreme need for network security after reading all the above scenarios. Lots of money is at stake these days, and the risk is significantly rising eventually increasing the number of internets users living in different parts of the world.


Massive proliferation of hacking tools:

Previously, only real-time professional programmers had the ability to break into other websites since they were always aware of the weaknesses existing still present in those domains. However, there are tools available online for you to download using which almost anybody can break in with minimum knowledge.

Find out how our phones get hacked and if your VPN is reliable or not?

 Data of client:

Outsourcing tasks have opened up possibilities for people residing in developing countries due to the lower wage rate of those brilliant minds. Companies need to store a massive number of data of their clients inside their systems, simultaneously making those systems primary targets for hackers.

If you want to survive in the market, you must instigate strong network security that will protect all the vital information of your clients; hence allowing your business to thrive as your clients will blindly trust you.


Improved network security is also going to ensure safety to your computer from outside forces too. The highly sophisticated and advanced machines will remain safe from malicious viruses and different threats.

Secure data sharing:

Thanks to the internet as we are able to share highly crucial data within a short time. However, while sharing such data, you must not forget that there is a high probability for such data to fall into wrong hands.

Computers that are integrated into various networks are the most vulnerable. Different levels of security can be installed into such systems which are accessed by users the most, will definitely assure the highest security in data sharing.

Cloud computing has turned popular since data can be shared real-time while saving your time from sharing the same file multiple times.

High level of traffic:

Popular websites with a massive level of traffic, meaning having large numbers of visitors automatically will make your website a sweet target for cyber criminals. There are Network Security experts who will continuously guard your website from such threats.
Learn how you can also increase traffic to your website.


Lastly, if you have adequate resources, invest in various Network Securities that will eventually benefit you in the future. Not only will this ensure better security, but will also drastically reduce the time for loading your web page as time is extremely vital for your visitors.

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