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Important Security Tips for Your Startup

Important Security Tips for Your Startup

Planning to launch a startup? If your business requires user’s data for its advancement and maintainability, then IT security ought to be on the top of your list of priorities. Employee files, financial materials, and intellectual property of your business can be highly intimidating and expensive as well.  There is no denying the reality that, putting resources into a security infrastructure at the initial phase of the business can be a major weight to convey. But, in the meantime, the expense of doing nothing exceeds the single other costs that you might cause.

As per a report outfitted by Ponemon Institute, a normal size data breach costs generally $4.4 million. Also, this is reinforced by the fact that cyber attackers actively search for weak targets i.e., small companies that are low on security yet at the same time hold significant user information.

Being new in the industry, you may not know where to start to guarantee that you are ensured against digital dangers. Thus, to offer you some assistance with getting started, we have assembled these 5 vital security tips for new companies.


Develop a Security Plan

  • First of all, determine who has access to what kind of data. Make a policy so that it can direct your employee to use and access to sensitive data.
  • In case, your employees use their personal devices for work, make sure their devices are protected by a password.
  • Implement the security policy in your company. As your business grows, update and strengthen the policy.
  • Also, have a plan ready to deal with a data breach because you never know when such situations could occur.

Save Minimum User Data

  • Only keep data that is vital for your business to prosper.
  • Avoid gathering non-mandatory information.

Educate Your Employees

  • Conduct training sessions quarterly for your employees on security issues.
  • Train your employees to choose and use good passwords.
  • Train them how to tackle unknown and unwanted emails.
  • Guide them to practice data backup regularly.
  • Instruct them to be vocal in the event anything strange happens on their machine.

Encrypt Your Data

  • Get user data encrypted as soon as you begin storing them, such as names, emails, payment information, etc. because a breach of any of these data can bring lawsuits and even destruct your brand.

Consider a Security Solution

  • To set up an IT security staff may not be reasonable to you during the early stage of your business. So, rather than having different products from various dealers, get an integrated solution that can allow you to manage your security policies via a single console.
  • Get trained on how to work with the product.

As far as cyber-attack is concerned, every situation is unique. There might be a lot of situations where these tips need to be balanced a little.


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