Nowadays it very easy to get real-time traffic data but this data is most of the time specific to a car maker. But imagine getting real time traffic update coordinated from all brands. It’s not here yet but it seems really close. Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz (all co-owners of Here) has unveiled a Real-Time Traffic service that includes these cars. It is by HERE.

These company cars will be sharing their live sensor data to provide more accurate traffic alerts than you’d get from external probes alone. On ‘arterial’ roads these traffic updates will be most helpful. The advantage of safety warnings based on sensor data you expect from incidents, such as hard braking to avoid a crash can be taken by more than 30 of the 60-plus countries covered by the service, Here stated.

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Better roads for everyone

Partners will have to adopt the service for it to be useful, but it’s open to new customers from any industry, not just the automotive world. It’s easy to imagine cities drawing on Here’s info to adjust traffic light patterns and adjust roadways, while ridesharing companies and navigation app developers could use it to provide better arrival time estimates. Even if you don’t drive, you might notice the improvements in the years ahead.