The last social network you'll ever need to join?
20th November, 2015

The pain of using multiple communication and social networking apps is real. Some of my friends prefer Facebook, whilst others choose Twitter. WhatsApp is a must because the whole world appears to be on it. Unfortunately, the list doesn’t end there; I also have Line and Skype for work needs and Snapchat for the fun live events I can follow. Oh, and let’s not forget LinkedIn (although I think the app is crappy).

The possibility of having just one app which has all these nifty features seems utopian and far-fetched. Of course, the benefits are enormous – lower battery consumption, more storage space, and less multitasking. But each popular social app has its own endearing quality– Line has its stickers, Facebook its news feed, and WhatsApp its simplicity and ubiquity, which is why we’re not exactly seething with rage at the clutter on our smartphones.

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