Forget Unbundling, ringID Brings the Most Powerful Mobile Messaging and Social Features Together
27th July, 2015

Montreal, Canada -- ringID, a new social-messaging platform, publicly unveiled its Android and iOS apps today, offering a unique new way for users to communicate and share with each other. With a central focus on flexibility and a broad range of features, ringID gives users a plethora of tools to share and communicate, while simultaneously controlling the exact amount of time their messages are available to be viewed.

Many of the social and messaging apps that exist today have either brought their platforms to mobile after first unveiling them on the desktop, or tried to port ideas that were pioneered on the desktop over to mobile. On the other hand, many mobile-first apps have tried to take such a narrow focus that they are offer starkly pared-down functionality, with only a narrow set of features.

ringID is taking a different approach, building a robust and multi-featured social-messaging platform built from the ground up for the mobile world. The app combines a social news feed with a robust messaging and VoIP platform, giving users the perfect mix of communications options.

The app is fun and simple to use. Users view their friend’s status updates from their newsfeed and can comment, like, and share the content of their friend’s posts as well. The app allows users to add friends through their phone book, and also via their unique ringID number, name, and email.

Users can also quickly and easily stay in touch with friends and family. Users can send messages to each other and can even make calls through the app. When messaging a friend, users have the option to add free stickers that include characters, word art, and specific festive occasions.

On top of this, ringID provides a “Secret Chat” feature that enables users to send messages to a specific recipient for a certain amount of time, and then have message disappear from both the sender and the recipient's phone once the predefined time period has been reached.

“We wanted to create an app that integrates all the disparate features and functionality that users encounter on their mobile devices on a daily basis,” said Ayrin Islam, Founder and CEO of ringID. “So many players in the mobile space are focusing on unbundling their platforms into separate apps. We think this is a disservice to users and wanted to create one elegant and fun experience that gives users the features they want.”

About ringID:

Ayrin Islam and Sharif Islam, founders of ringID, originally set their sights on creating an app for the sole purpose of staying in touch with family and friends. However, with the realization that users are relying on dozens of different apps to communicate with their friends and loved ones, ringID was born.